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22 August 2012 @ 02:10 pm
Character Stats and Bios (Currently in Progress)  
Mari bio pic

Mari Rodriguez
Born March 13, 1991
Parents: Christina Rodriguez and Richard Jones
Education: Sophomore at Maple Hill High School
Religion: Lapsed Catholic

Mini Bio

Mari Carlita Rodriguez is the youngest child of Christina Anita Rodriguez and Richard Damon Jones. She was born in Meadow Swaps, Louisiana. At the age of five, Mari’s parents divorced and her mother and her elder brother, Julio, moved back to Christina’s hometown of Maple Hill in Webster Parish.

A year later Mari was enrolled into Maple Hill Elementary School where she became fast friends with Jennika Wilcox. Mari excelled in her studies and she was well liked amongst the teachers.

When the class of 2009 made it to the sixth grade, the El-Amin family moved to Maple Hill from Mississippi. Mari quickly became friends with Alexandra El-Amin.

This next year Mari met Daniel Smith at a pep rally for Maple Hill High school where the students of the junior high were allowed to attend. Mari and Daniel quickly bonded over their shared interests.

Mari started attending MHHS in 2005 along with Jennika and Alexandra.

julio bio pic

Julio Rodriguez
Born January 12, 1986
Parents: Christina Rodriguez and Richard Jones
Education: Second Year at Maple Hill Community College
Religion: Catholic

Mini Bio

Julio is the eldest child of Christina Anita Rodriguez and Richard Damon Jones. He was born in Meadow Swaps, Louisiana a year after his parent’s marriage. When Julio was 10, his parents split up and Christina gained custody and moved her small family back to her hometown of Maple Hill where Julio’s maternal grandparents also lived.

Christina bio pic

Christina Rodriguez
Born July 25, 1961
Parents: Juana and Eduardo Rodriguez
Religion: Catholic

Mini Bio

Christina is the eldest child of Juana and Eduardo Rodriguez. She was born in Maple Hill, Louisiana three years after her parents emigrated from Colombia in 1958.

Christina was well liked amongst her friends. At a pep rally in 1978, Christina met Richard Jones who was a player on the basketball team for Meadow Swaps. They kept in touch through the years and renewed their relationship in 1984 after Christina graduated from college. Richard proposed in 1985 and they eloped much to their respective family’s ire and Christina soon became pregnant with her first child.

Their second child was born in 1991 though the Jones’s marriage was quickly deteriorating due to their different temperaments. Christina and Richard divorced in 1996 and Christina filed for sole custody and won and moved the children back down to her hometown.

daniel bio pic

Daniel Smith
Born November 2, 1989
Parents: Madeline and Davis Smith
Education: Senior at Maple Hill High School
Religion: Baptist

Mini Bio

Daniel Adam Smith is the second child of Madeline and Davis Smith. He has an older sister named Caroline and a younger sister (Candice) and a younger brother (Dennis). Daniel was raised in Louisiana though his father was originally from Texas.

From the time he was six, Daniel nursed a passion for music and for anime. His father played his old records for his children and when Daniel asked for a guitar when he was eleven, Davis bought his son an acoustic guitar. By the age of 14, Daniel graduated to an electric guitar which is when he started his band, The Dirty Rebels, with three of his best friends.

Daniel looks up to the punk band, Blue Nights, and his fondest wish is to follow in his idols steps and make it big on the music scene.

Jennika bio pic

Jennika “Jen” Wilcox
Born April 4, 1991
Parents: Alayna Cornell and Albert Wilcox Jr.
Education: Sophomore at Maple Hill High School
Religion: Baptist

Mini Bio

Jennika was born in a small town adjacent to Maple Hill. Her parents divorced when she was two and her father won custody while her mother moved to Arkansas while Albert moved to his hometown of Maple Hill. Albert quickly remarried and gave Jennika two younger siblings. When Jennika was eight and her brother and sister were five and two respectively, her father took a job in Tennessee and gave up custody of his children to his parents Albert and Lorraine.

From then on Jennika and her siblings were raised by their paternal grandparents. Jennika is known for her outgoing and vibrant attitude and for changing boyfriends frequently.

Alexa bio pic

Alexandra “Alexa” El-Amin
Born: June 21, 1991
Parents: Rebecca Dalton and Basir El-Amin
Education: Sophomore at Maple Hill High School
Religion: Islam

Mini Bio

Alexandra El-Amin is the only child of Rebecca Dalton and Basir El-Amin. She was born in Mississippi though her parents frequently around the state due to Basir’s work.

In 2002, Basir got a job offer in Maple Hill, Louisiana and Basir moved his small family to the town. Alexandra didn’t make friends quickly and some of the students found her insufferable though she became friends with Mari Rodriguez and was welcomed into her group.

Alexandra was raised in the Islam religion and she is very serious about her religion though she wishes her father would give her more freedom.